Yesss! :3 We finished the book not that long ago, I really liked it! :D We only got like halfway through the movie so far, though, but I think were going to finish it on Monday. uvu

I cant upload any art tonight because Im on my iPad, and its like eight twenty so I cant really explain anything either. ;u; Ill try to get all that done tomorrow, on my laptop! ^^ Id do the explaining now but Id probably run out of room, aha. /shot

Anyway, I have a song I want to listen to before I go to bed, so I thiiink Im going to get off for tonight. 030 Ill be on again tomorrow though, and hopefully Ill have time to tell you guys about all the stuff I said I would, and maybe actually find my art on my 3DS SD card. xD

Anyway, Ill try to get more written here tomorrow! X3

Bye guys! :D